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It starts with employees, all experts in their field, working as a single team to bring you an advanced ecosystem of live, virtual, and constructive training and testing solutions used every day across the globe. They’ve helped develop a robust, synthetic blend of integrated capabilities and solutions designed to work seamlessly across the armed forces through their collaboration and cross communications. Total cohesion and seamless integration are critical in military readiness. This is why each PLEXSYS product can stand alone or work together with commercial and government off-the-shelf products.

PLEXSYS’ Simulated Framework, Environment Generator, Communications System, After Action review provide easy integration for your existing operations in a single, extendable, and scalable experience. Partners who require more than one service can build a customized package of products and interfaces from the PLEXSYS ecosystem and best-of-breed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and government off-the-shelf (GOTS) — based on user demand and complexities for a tailored solution.

PLEXSYS is committed to delivering customers industry-leading training systems that provide the foundation for operational readiness and success. Each service for the PLEXSYS ecosystem is designed to complement one another and work holistically to deliver integrated capabilities and greater efficiencies. The greater the selected solutions, the more robust, more immersive, and realistic the training and testing environments.

For a Coalition and Joint All Domain training and testing, along with an ecosystem that scales to your unique needs, providing your team with the highest level of readiness, there’s PLEXSYS: Inspiring Solutions. With an extensive suite of complex training environments, PLEXSYS continuously analyzes the interfaces to ensure each solution is at optimal readiness and will introduce new interfaces as needed. This provides PLEXSYS services and products that are always current in an ever-changing environment and can be used universally.

Our Team – Our Goal

Our Team – Our Goal

PLEXSYS is a modeling and simulation software company with 30+ years of delivering Live, Virtual, and Constructive training readiness solutions and innovation.

At PLEXSYS, we understand the art of modeling and simulation and how it can add value to the training system. It is a unique industry, and we believe subject matter experts (SMEs) should develop products with their years of knowledge and experience, and in partnership with our customers.

PLEXSYS Australia has access to a wealth of experience, whether with our SMEs, or in partnership with other Defence Companies in Australia. Our team specialises in C4ISR, TDL, Simulation Management, Network Configuration, Tactical Simulation Operations, Exercise Management.

Our Goal – To ensure our customers are provided with the right experience level, delivered by experts in the requisite field.

PLEXSYS Solutions

PLEXSYS Solutions

With an evolving 5th Generation Defence Force, simulation is at the heart of it all. The team at PLEXSYS has in-depth experience conducting modeling and simulation on a number of systems:

• Sonomarc

Live Systems to Interact with Simulation Training
• JICO Extendable Trainer (JET)

Operational and Exercise Experience

Operational and Exercise Experience

Our Team has served in Operations and in Major Defence Exercises, including:
• Op Allied Force
• Op Enduring Freedom
• Op Iraqi Freedom
• Op Okra
• Op Slipper
• Op Manitou
• Ex Red Flag
• Black Skies
• INDO Pacific Endeavour

PLEXSYS Australia

PLEXSYS Australia

PLEXSYS Australia was founded from a desire to create a Defence company which simply put, did things differently. Our value is measured by how our people and products add to our customer’s success. We aspire to be a trusted training partner, accomplishing this by delivering solutions that enable live/synthetic blended training events and exercises.

Our products use state-of-the-art user interfaces,  they are modular, and scalable and provide an immersive  environment ensuring the Warfighter is trained and ready.

Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) activities allow the ADF to integrate and exercise advanced capabilities and tactics in a safe and secure environment without the necessity and cost of deploying live military assets.

We have a unique group of operators with a diverse skillset within the LVC domain, allowing them to provide expert advice to key stakeholders.

About Us

PLEXSYS Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLEXSYS Interface Products, with an office located at the Williamtown Aerospace Center, Newcastle, New South Wales.

The focus of PLEXSYS Australia is serving the needs of the Australian Defence Force as well as enhancing and enabling the best readiness for the Warfighter by making training better and by continuing to assist in inspiring future growth in LVC Training technologies. Our core values; Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, and Agility drive everything we do.

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